“Even though we live in modern times, the new generation has a great love for the past. Gone are the days when an old clock was for an old house, now an old clock looks well in a modern home. We enjoy restoring clocks from the past and bringing them …back to the future.

Welcome to Orchard Clocks

As a family, we have been repairing and restoring clocks in County Armagh, Northern Ireland for three generations. All makes and types of clocks can be repaired e.g. Grandfathers, French, Bracket, Cuckoo, Carriage, Skeleton, Mantle and Vienna just to name a few.

At Orchard Clocks we appreciate the financial and sentimental value of your clock and, consequently, we will ensure that it receives the expert care it deserves.

Before work begins we examine and evaluate the condition of the works inside the case. This will provide information as to what work is required. At this stage we should be able to provide the customer with a free estimate of the cost of repair.



If the customer is happy to proceed, on arrival at our workshop, we take photographs of the clock as this is a good reference point for us and the customer. We will continue to take images throughout the repair process showing the clocks progression. Photographic images of the repairs and restoration can be provided after completion of the work.

At times, the works will be dismantled for further assessment. Each wheel and pinion is checked for wear and if needed replaced. This will probably be the case if the clock is old.

Clocks require oiling/servicing every 2–3 years. The majority of clocks can be repaired, surprisingly even very old clocks are still capable of keeping time if they are properly looked after.

All the parts are cleaned using an ultrasonic machine and specialist cleaner. After the completion of the work it is now time for the clock to be tested for keeping time, this will be carried out over a period of time.

Collection Service

A collection and returns service is provided.  The returns service is important to ensure the clock is installed correctly.  This is a complimentary service.


All work carries a one year guarantee. We welcome feedback on our work carried out to ensure you are fully satisfied.