Working with my father as a young man I was taught from an early age about the fundamentals of watch and clock repair. My father in turn was taught by his father and it has been passed down for three generations.

One of my prize possessions is my father’s eye glass and watch making hammer, unbelievable as it may seem, I think it came from his father and I still use them today.

Recently, I restored a French clock it was roughly from the 1900 period and in my own opinion it is one of the most beautifully design movements ever. I was astonished to find that my grandfather’s watchmakers mark was in the inside plate and dated 1932, the clock had been bought in Belfast in Neill’s jewellers.

It is now pride of place in my workshop.

The enjoyment and fulfillment that I have when I am able to restore  a clock that was perhaps around before Titanic was even conceived…….. I feel is very humbling.